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How to clean a Ninja Blender

how to clean a ninja blender

If you want your Ninja blender to last as long as possible, then cleaning the blender is essential. Why put all that money into something that potentially could last months rather than use, purly down to the fact you didn’t clean it properly.

Well luckily for you cleaning your Ninja blender is quite quick and easy to do. Not just that you can clean it with most of the cleaning products and utensils you already have in your kitchen.

If you would like to find out how to clean your ninja blender keep reading this guide, and you will have your blender as sparkly as it was when you bought it!

How To Clean a Ninja Blender? We are going to provide you with 3 different ways!

In total in this guide there are three different ways to clean your blender. By cleaning your blender you will keep that food from going rotten, preventing smelly odors and mould build up.

The Dishwasher Method

how to wash a ninja blender in a dishwasher

Not everyone owns a dishwasher, especially with utility bills rising! But, if you do own one, then out of the three methods I’m going to provide you with, this is by far the easiest option.

Nearly all the parts provided with your Ninja blender are dishwasher friendly. Literally the jar, the lid, and the blades can be placed and washed in your dishwasher. Obviously don’t place any of the cables or plug in the dishwasher as this is not safe!

Also this is a great method if your pressed for time. As you can stick it in your dishwasher, along with anything else that needs washing, press play and leave until done. a lot of dishwashers are now eco friendly which means, overall this is better for the environment too.

Self Cleaning Method

If you don’t own a dishwasher then obviously you are going to have to more manually clean the blender.  This method is slightly harder than the dishwasher method. but don’t worry this method is still easy.

Ok, so you will want to half fill your blender jar with warm water and dish soap and let it soak for a few minutes. Letting it soak, softens any food debris and makes it easier to clean.

Close the lid and and place the jar back on to your blender and blend for a couple of minutes. Hopefully as your blender blends, the soapy water will remove any food debris that is stuck to the sides of the jar, and any that is stuck to the blades.

Now tip the soapy water down the sink and give the equipment a rinse with some hot water under the tap. If any further debris was stuck to your blender, this should completely remove it. Leave to air dry on your dish wash rack.

For best possible results with this method, make sure you do this after every time you use the blender. Leaving the food to stick for a day or two, makes this method harder to do.

The Handwashing Method

handwashing your ninja blender

Lastly the final method is to hand wash your ninja blender, just like you would clean your dirty dishes etc. Obviously this method is going to take a little bit more time and effort. So you don’t have to do this method very often, I would recommend that you do the 2nd method, every time you use your blender so you don’t have to do this method.

Firstly unplug your blender power cord from the socket. Unassemble any of the washable parts and rinse with warm water, the hotter the better to be honest. With a dish wash soaped up sponge or dishwash brush gently clean all of the blender parts, ie the lid, the jar, the blades etc.

Again once its clean rinse with water and let it air dry on your dish wash rack.

How To Clean a Cloudy Ninja Blender Jar?

how to clean a cloudy ninja blender jar

Overtime your ninja blender jar can become cloudy, the main reason for this is simply not cleaning it straight after the last use. If your blender jar does become cloudy, we have written up a few methods below on the easiest way to clean it like new.

Fill up your jar with hot water and about half a cup of white vinegar, white vinegar is great at removing tough stains from utensils and Tupperware etc.

Let the water and vinegar sit for a few hours and then self clean the jug with a soapy sponge. Rinse the jug with warm water and let it air dry on your dish wash rack. To stop the jug getting any water marks you can hand dry the jug and it will look crystal clear.

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