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How to clean a Nutribullet – 3 Easy Methods

How to clean a Nutribullet

Everyone wants there equipment to last as long as possible, this includes there Nutribullet. One easy way to keep your Nutribullet in tip top condition is to regularly clean it. Blenders are not cheap, so maintaining and cleaning it is important, if you wish to keep it lasting like brand new for as long as possible.

Fortunately cleaning your Nutribullet is quite easy to do, and can be done so with many of the utensils or cleaning products you already own.

So if you are looking for easy methods to clean your Nutribullet, you have come to the right place. As below i have written 3 different methods for you to do so. Which for you is great as your Nutribullet, assuming nothing mechanical goes wrong, will last as long as it should.

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How To Clean your Nutribullet Blender? We Will Give You 3 Awesome and Easy Ways!

Like i said we are giving you three different methods to clean your blender. Starting at the easiest to the hardest, even the hardest isn’t that difficult. But assuming you do decide to clean your blender as advised you will never need to use the hardest method.

Using a Dishwasher to clean your Nutribullet

cleaning your nutribullet in the dishwasher

The quickest and easiest to clean your blender is to use your dishwasher, if you have one?! Obviously not everyone owns a dishwasher, or you may be trying to keep your utensil bill as low as possible at the minute. If so you may as well skip on to the next method.

The great thing about the Nutribullet is it is dishwasher safe. Meaning all the normal parts that need cleaning you can put in your dishwasher and not have to worry about it breaking or disforming in shape. Obviously there are some parts of the blender like the the bit connected to the power lead, so don’t even think about putting that in to.

The other great thing about using a dishwasher is it, almost takes no effort. You can use your blender, maybe give it a rinse and then put it in your dishwasher and turn on. Wait a little while and its all clean and ready to use for the next blend.

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Semi-manual Self Cleaning Method

Ok the next method is for people that don’t have a dishwasher or at the minute don’t want to use it to save on bills. But i recommend you do this method every time you use your Nutribullet, by doing so means you will very rarely have to move on to method 3.

Ok with this method all you have to do is half fill your Nutribullet jug with hot water and dish soap.  I would recommend letting it soak for a few minutes to let any food debris soften.

Once you have let your jug soak in the soapy water for a few minutes, reconnect the jug to the blender and blend for a few minutes. Hopefully the hot soapy water will remove any of the food debris from the jug and the blades. If not move on to method 3.

Now rinse the cleaned parts under your kitchen tap, and let it air dry on your draining board.

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Manual Self Cleaning Method

cleaning your nutribullet in the sink

Ok so if you are struggling to clean your blender with method 2 or it has been a while since the Nutribullet was cleaned then you will need to do this method.

Start buy filling you jug with hot soapy water and letting it soak together with the blades attached. Letting your blades soak in the hot soapy water too.

Now open and empty the jug, and use a sponge or brush to gently scrub off any of the food debris, making sure to get underneath the blades.

Once you have thoroughly manually cleaned your blender parts rinse off the soapy water and leave to air dry on your sink draining board.

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