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How to Clean a Optimum Blender – 3 Simple and Easy Methods

how to clean your optimum blender

One of the most common reasons why appliances break is because there are not properly maintained and cleaned. This goes for blenders too, if you own an Optimum blender and want it to last as long as possible then i recommend you look after it.

After all they are not cheap appliances and I think there is nothing worse than wasting money, but this is what you are doing if you don’t look after it.

When you don’t clean your blender properly, the food leftover debris can rot and go mouldy. This can one smell really bad, and two, well you are going to blend food and drink in this blender, do you really want to do it if it has had mold in it?

Lucky for you cleaning your Optimum blender is quite easy and straight forward. Below I have written up three different methods to clean your blender, so hopefully you blender will last for years not weeks.

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How To Clean Your Optimum Blender? Here is 3 Amazing ways!

So three methods below are different methods to clean your optimum blender. I have put them in order of difficulty, from easiest to hardest. As long as you keep your blender clean, then you shouldn’t have to use the third method very often.

Clean your Optimum Blender with a Dishwasher

how to clean your optimum blender with a dishwasher

Not every household has a dishwasher to use, this could be for a lot of reasons. whether its to expensive to buy and maintain, or they have just decided not to use it at the minute because of the rise in utility bill cost.

If you do have a dishwasher then this is the easiest method to clean your blender. Simply disassemble your blender and place all the washable parts in the dishwasher. the only part that cannot go in the dishwashers is the mechanical part, which the mains power cord is attached too.

Once you have put the parts into your dishwasher, turn it on to the right setting and press play. Once the blender parts have washed, let it air dry and its done.

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Semi Automatic Washing Blending Method

So this method is quite easy and I would recommend you do this method after each time you use your optimum blender. in theory doing this method every time you use it, will keep it in sparkling condition. Not just that but this method is easy to do if you do it straight after use.

Firstly start by adding hot water to your jug part of the blender, fill it to about half way. Add some dishwashing soapĀ  to the water and add the blades lid to the blender. Let the water soak on the blades and jug for about 5 minutes, and then blend the soapy water for another 3 minutes.

Hopefully after doing this it should be clean, if not move onto the third method. If it is clean, now, rinse it under a tap and wash off the soapy water, and let it air dry on your sink.

Hand Washing in the Sink Method

cleaning your optimum blender in your sink

So if you haven’t managed to get the best results from the previous method or, you simply haven’t cleaned it properly in a while then this is the final method.

Fill the jug up with soapy water and place the blade lid on the jug, and let it soak for 5 minutes. Now empty the water into your sink and with either a sponge or brush gently scrub the areas that need deep cleaning.

Once you have cleaned the jug, the lid and the blades, rinse under a tap and let it air dry on your sink drainer.

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