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Vitamix Chia-Egg Bio-Boost Breakfast Recipe


Vitamix Chia-Egg Bio-Boost Breakfast Recipe

There are many juice and smoothie recopies out there, new ones are being concocted as we speak. There are thousands of people out there experimenting, compiling, mixing and sharing. Being produced by fruit, vegetables, seeds and herbs all the smoothies and juices are, of course, good for your health.

What many of the above experimenters miss, is that juices and smoothies may not only benefit your health. They may actually improve or fix it. You will not need much.

All medical recipes are usually simple, of course, you will need any of the Vitamix Blender products We will share some medical recipes with you. These are not only good for you, but actually will improve or fix some particular ailment. We start below with the first recipe:

Looking for some healthy Vitamix protein smoothie Recipes

The Chia-Egg Bio-Boost Breakfast Recipe

Summer is almost over. Autumn will soon be here. At the end of the year /which is also repeated in the first days of spring – you may have heard of “Spring Tiredness”/ our bodies are depleted. Of course, our energy levels may be low not only due to seasonal factors. We may feel low due to stress, emotional issues, overworking, not sleeping, intense training … you get the picture. So, when in such a need, get your Vitamix Blender and go to work. Here is how:

The Chia-Egg Bio-Boost

  • 3 fresh eggs.
  • 1 tablespoon of mineral or spring water.
  • 1 teaspoon of chia seeds
  • 3 tablespoons of bee honey.
  • 5 g. of salt.
  • 1 tablespoon of cold pressed olive oil.
  • 3 peeled oranges.


  1. We will not blend everything together, but rather do it in stages. This is important in order to get the consistency right.
  2. Start with the eggs. Break them and pour the content in the Vitamix Blender. You may dispose of the shells, they won’t be needed for the Bio-Stimulator.
  3. Pour the tablespoon of water in with the eggs.
  4. Put in the tablespoon of chia seeds.
  5. Select the “Auto-IQ” Blend. Blend the ingredients well.
  6. Now add the honey, the salt and the olive oil.
  7. Blend again.
  8. Now take the egg mix out of the blender and put the oranges in.
  9. Blend the oranges.
  10. Add the egg mix to the blended oranges.
  11. Blend for the last time.
  12. Not to worry: the chia seeds, when mixed with liquid tend to strongly increase their volume and become a jelly-like. This is fine, and it is easier to consume.
  13. You are ready. The Chia-Egg Bio-Boost should be consumed early in the morning, before you have had anything else to eat. Do not be worried if you actually do not need anything more for breakfast. The above dose is consumed immediately after preparation and is sufficient for one week. Even if you like it a lot and are impressed with the results DO NOT overdo it. Too much of any good thing is not good for you. You may consume always, when you feel bodily weakness, but just once a week.

Looking for some healthy Vitamix protein smoothie Recipes


There are 74 calories in one large egg, which are broken down into 63% fat, 35% protein and 2% carbohydrates. Remember that we used 3 eggs. So the calorie intake from the eggs will be 222. – There are 119 calories in 1 tablespoon of olive oil. Of course, this is 100% fat. – The tablespoon of honey carries some 64 calories. – The tablespoon of chia seeds carries 59 calories. – Total calories add up to 464 calories, and yes this is a calorie bomb, but this is exactly its intention.

There you have it. The Chia-Egg Bio-Boost will charge you up for the day and the week. No need for additional meds and it is 100% natural. This recipe is very old and works. If however for some reason the weakness persists – do consult your doctor. Also should you be allergic to any of the ingredients – avoid altogether. We will publish an alternative recipe soon enough.

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